Karen Belz
Updated Feb 01, 2017 @ 11:31 am
Credit: ABC

We absolutely love learning about celebrities who coupled up in the past. Some pairs are truly mind-blowing. For example, did you know that Colin Hanks and Busy Philipps used to date? They definitely did — and have since formed an amazing friendship that we truly admire.

Philipps helped co-host LIVE with Kelly the other day, and ended up reuniting with her past boyfriend. Colin Hanks was a guest on the show, and before he even appeared on stage, Kelly Ripa made sure to tell everyone about the history her co-host had with the young actor.

Her delivery on the news? Pretty adorable, Just watch for yourself:

According to Philipps, she gets along really well with Colin Hanks’ wife, Samantha Bryant. She also thinks that Hanks is close with her husband, Marc Silverstein. The foursome even go on vacation together.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that Philipps didn’t bust out some old photos of the two of them.

Credit: ABC

It’s such a throwback seeing both of them so young!

Credit: ABC

Of course, Ripa gets right to the fun questions when Hanks actually appears on stage. For one, she vocalizes something that’s on everyone’s mind — why did they break up?

Hanks and Philipps both recoil a bit (since, uh — awkward) but handle it like champs.

Oh, young love.

Hanks revealed that the two of them actually booked their first television shows and movies within the same week of each other, so they were able to celebrate so many milestones side-by-side. Now, they get to bond over having kids.

We’re so happy these two managed to conquer the post-heartache troubles and form a solid friendship!