Karen Belz
Updated Mar 03, 2017 @ 7:59 am
Tommaso Boddi / Stringer / Getty Images

It seems hard to believe, but as of today, Iggy Azalea has only released one full-length studio album thus far. The New Classic came out back in 2014, and while she’s had a few singles since, fans have been pining for new stuff. Luckily, Iggy Azalea just confirmed that she’ll release music slowly throughout the entire month, which means that March will definitely be a time for fans to celebrate.

And, she quickly made good on her promise. Azalea made her new song, “Can’t Lose,” available to stream very early this morning. She noted that the song was a collaboration with Uzi London, and we think it sounds pretty incredible. false

The song is available on most streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify. As a heads up, it’s not totally safe to blast at work, but it’ll be the perfect thing to jam to on your commute home. While the song will be on a compilation album, it’ll also be featured on Azalea’s much-awaited second studio release, Digital Distortion.

While we’re thrilled, we’re interested in figuring out where Azalea has been during all this time. Luckily, she’s been incredibly honest (and apologetic) with her fanbase.

She took to Twitter and explained what went down.

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We totally understand where she’s coming from.

Azalea briefly mentioned her rough couple of years. And if you’ve only heard about her feuding with other celebrities, here’s a little more about what went down.

In 2015, the songs she was creating weren’t very well-received, which often happens in the industry — especially when you have such a strong debut. While it’d definitely be a blow to anyone’s ego, Azalea mentioned that the news caused her to mentally break down.

The following year wasn’t any better, as she realized her fiance was cheating on her — and according to multiple reports, there was video proof of him seeing other women behind Azalea’s back. So, it was definitely difficult to dodge the criticism and headlines after such devastation.

Luckily, Azalea is ready to move forward and have a comeback. And since we know how it feels to go through a rough patch, we’re more than willing to embrace her and her new material.