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Most celebs were dressed to the nines at the recent Emmys, but Priyanka Chopra was channeling her inner-princess in a dazzling red dress designed by Jason Wu.

And she recently spoke to Jimmy Fallon about her experience wearing the dress, which included twirling with Tom Hiddleston on stage! (Cue the jealousy).

Here’s how she described the scene:

Hmmmmm. We fail to see the problem with being “made” to twirl by Tom Hiddleston! Though we guess you’d probs get dizzy.

Chopra also mentioned that her twirling antics have given her a special new title.

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Again, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! It’s an honor, if anything.

You can see Chopra’s delightfully charming interview with Fallon here. WARNING: it might encourage you to spring to your feet and perform a twirl or two/run out and buy a gorgeous gown to do it in.

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