We saw some really great posts on National Bikini Day, but you know the rules: There can only be one winner. And the winner of National Bikini Day is absolutely Amy Schumer.

Okay, there wasn’t actually any competition for who had the best bikini photo. But come on, you have to love Schumer’s hilarious swimsuit shot. She’s got her baseball cap hovering over head, coffee and sunscreen to her left, and her legs wide open. Schumer is ready for her bikini close-up.

Um, hello? Paris Fashion Week? You there?

But the best part about Schumer’s Instagram post is the comments section. Her fans are living for this post, as are we.

Credit: Amy Schumer /
Credit: Amy Schumer /
Credit: Amy Schumer /

This isn’t the first time Schumer has taken her bikini bod to the interweb. She was the cover model for the May 2017 issue (“The Beauty Issue”) of InStyle, andwore a white deep-V one piece we’ve been trying to emulate all summer.

But Schumer has had to deal with her fair share of body shaming and negativity. In December she shared a paparazzi shot that caught a lot of heat on her Instagram to let people know that their words did not affect her.

Keep the bikini posts coming, Amy.