Karen Belz
March 03, 2017 10:15 am

We’re totally buzzing about Logan, but the man we know best as Wolverine is facing a totally different battle at home. After it was revealed that Hugh Jackman was receiving treatment for skin cancer, we got a little worried.

There are many different types and degrees of skin cancer. While some are more dangerous than others, the diagnosis is still a scary one. According to Jackman, he was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, which often starts up due to prolonged sun exposure. Also known as BCC, doctors can usually pinpoint cancer based on open sores that appear on the skin.

Jackman appeared on Live With Kelly to discuss his new movie, and of course she was interested in learning how his treatment was going — especially since he was rocking a Band-Aid on his nose.


Jackman credited his Australian background for being a bit more susceptible to the disease.

He also credited the art of frequent body checks to catch the BCC in time. It may seem a little silly at first, but really, it’s important to know your body and be able to pinpoint when there’s something going wrong.

Kelly Ripa mentioned that back in her time, the word still wasn’t out on sunscreen. In fact, she remembered hearing reports that it caused cancer. Jackman agreed that it wasn’t a normal part of his everyday routine, but now advocates wearing it at all times.

An even more alarming fact that Jackman mentioned: It only takes one sunburn to become susceptible to skin cancer. We’re pretty sure that everyone’s taken that gamble at least once in their lives.

We’re so glad he’s on the mend and so optimistic about such a scary health concern. But we’re even more happy that he’s educating both his kids and his many fans on the importance of staying protected when you’re outside.