Everyone’s favorite Disney real-life best friends are taking their friendship on the road! Vanessa Hudgens is guiding Ashley Tisdale through her first trip to Coachella and we cannot wait to see the pictures. Hard to believe this will be Tisdale’s first time at the festival. Obviously having a seasoned pro like Hudgens can only be beneficial.

The High School Musical alum will be attending Coachella for the first time this year. According to her interview with People, she was hesitant to go previously because she didn’t know any of the acts performing. And with the hefty price tag for the weekend, it made sense why she didn’t jump the gun.

Enter Vanessa Hudgens: Coachella Whisperer

Luckily, Vanessa Hudgens is guiding Ashley Tisdale like a seasoned pro. In addition to attending the festival herself, Vanessa is dolling out advice for her bestie.

If you’re going to be attending a huge festival like Coachella knowing about what to bring with you is priceless. And Ashley is way ahead of the curve with H2O.

Hopefully we’ll get to see amazing photos from both Vanessa and Ashley at this year’s Coachella!