We wouldn’t be surprised if cute babies definitely helped with ratings! Hoda Kotb’s new baby Haley Joy made her first televised appearance on the Today show, and we can’t get over how precious she is.

Haley appeared to help celebrate Mother’s Day, which is this Sunday (so, let this be a reminder to get your mom a card to celebrate.) Matt Lauer said to the audience that Haley’s appearance would probably be trending soon, and we’re pretty sure he was correct.

Haley Joy was hanging out with Kotb’s mom backstage, who handed her off to the host on-air. Cuteness immediately followed.

As per usual, Kotb was glowing.

The baby made the rounds and was passed around. We’re totally adoring Carson Daly’s reaction to her.


Daly is a professional, probably because he has three kids of his own — Jackson, Etta, and London.

Kotb’s little girl is currently 12 weeks old, and was adopted by Kotb after she was unable to conceive her own children due to a past treatment for breast cancer. Without a doubt, Kotb is pretty much a natural at motherhood, and we’re so happy that her journey to take on the role ended so successfully (and adorably.)

We hope that Kotb’s first Mother’s Day is incredible!