Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Aug 26, 2016 @ 5:48 am
Credit: Theo Wargo/WireImage & Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Between her website getting hacked and her being attacked nonstop by racist misogynists on Twitter, Leslie Jones has been having a rough summer. Luckily, many are doing all they can to make sure she knows she has our support (we LOVE you, Leslie!), and none other than the Democratic Nominee for president just showed her some love. Yep, we’re talking Hillary Clinton.

@Lesdoggg, no one deserves this—least of all someone who brings us so much joy,” Clinton tweeted.

“I’m with you. -H” she ended the tweet.

Credit: Comedy Central / giphy.com

Her support comes alongside love from other beloved celebs.

We feel *so* terribly about what’s happening to Leslie, and what’s she’s going through for ~daring~ to be a successful black woman. We just hope she’s getting the support she needs IRL, and that she’s taking care of herself.