Karen Belz
September 12, 2017 11:41 am

As she sets off on her tour tour, she’s already picked up a few rock star moves. Last night, Hillary Clinton delivered some pizzas to fans waiting to see her at the Union Square Barnes & Noble in New York. The bookstore is just one stop of many that Clinton is making to help promote her new memoir, What Happened.

It all started after a fan named Greg Hale tweeted a photo of the crowd to Clinton. Upon seeing it, those who were also interested in attending the event wondered if they were already too late — after all, it seemed as if the meet-and-greet was going to be packed.

Seeing her fans outside inspired Clinton to take action. Why not make their night even better with a little bit of pizza?

(We’re just happy the pizza place took her seriously. Surely a late-night call from Hillary Clinton’s staff may have thrown them off a little.)

Speaking of her staff, fans outside said that that’s who came by with the late night snack.

A few locals weighed in to say that, yes — Clinton chose a pretty great place to order pizza from. So we have a good feeling that it was delicious.

From the looks of it, her fans had a lot to bond over — their love of Clinton, their adoration of pizza, and most of all, knowing that they all got to experience something truly legendary.

Clinton’s book was officially released today, September 12th. We have a feeling that the other dates on her book tour will be just as successful.