Hillary Clinton generally tries to stay in the loop when it comes to modern, mainstream feminism. She’s a firm supporter of female reproductive rights and is making more of an effort to embrace the goals of intersectional feminism, and tops it all of with things like hanging out with Kerry Washington and Katy Perry and making an appearance on Broad City. Because of this, we’re surprised Clinton recently admitted that she hasn’t seen Wonder Woman, but she did say that she’s pretty excited to see it, and the reason why made us lol.

When one of her friends, Elizabeth Banks, received the Crystal Award for Excellence in Film at the Women in Film Crystal & Lucy Awards, Clinton decided to send in a sweet video to congratulate her. Later in the clip, Clinton brought up Wonder Woman, presumably to highlight the power of women in film.

She says:


Seems like tons of other people are feeling the message behind Wonder Woman, too. The film has been killing it at the box office. Not only did it totally shatter predictions, with a $100 million domestic debut its first weekend, but Wonder Woman also thrived during its second weekend at the box office — something that is super rare.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice saw its box office haul drop 69 percent from its first to second weekend, and Suicide Squad had a decrease of about 67 percent.”

Wonder Woman only saw a 45 percent drop from its 1st to 2nd weekend.

You must see this movie, Hillary! Report back with your thoughts, please and thank you.