Alyssa Thorne
August 23, 2016 11:02 am
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In maybe the best moment of this election cycle thus far, thousands of balloons were released onto the DNC after Hillary Clinton became the first woman to receive the presidential nomination from the Democratic Party. While we definitely won’t forget HRC’s reaction any time soon…

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…Bill Clinton’s reaction cannot be understated. All eyes were rightfully on Hillary that night — she made history, shattered glass ceilings, all in all kicked Democratic-Party-mascot — and while we really can’t celebrate her enough, let’s take a moment to appreciate her husband’s reaction to the balloons (#FirstHusband, anybody?)

Bill Clinton REALLY…

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…got excited about those balloons.

Not that his childlike joy and wonder isn’t totally understandable and delightful on its own (we’ve never been in a room with that many balloons, but we’d probably be the same — we get ya, Bill), but now finally Hillary Clinton has explained her husband’s absolute joy. Hillary Clinton tells Jimmy Kimmel:

“That’s one of the things I love about my husband is that he enjoys so many things… and balloons are one of them!”

Awwww. She’s definitely not wrong…

Look at him! Sheer joy. But apparently there was more to his love for the torrential balloon downpour:

“He actually — don’t tell anybody — took a balloon for our granddaughter.”

She even provided a picture of their hotel room, where Bill Clinton kept the balloon to play with his granddaughter, as she’s too young to have attended the DNC.

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Too. Cute. (Almost as cute as the story Bill told of how they got together…) Watch the full clip of Hillary talking about Bill’s love affair with the balloons below!