Credit: NBC

When you’re in the public eye, there’s a good chance you’ll someday end up being impersonated on Saturday Night Live. For presidential candidates, it’s definitely a given. While Donald Trump noted that he hated Alec Baldwin’s recent portrayal of him, Hillary Clinton admitted Kate McKinnon makes her second-guess herself.

Surely she’s fond of the over-the-top performance (as we all are) but Clinton actually questions every movement and statement, in a “did I actually do that?” manner.

But of course, Clinton definitely appreciates the entire Saturday Night Live experience. Having been on the show a few times, she gives credit to the full team for putting everything together so flawlessly. In fact, it’s the behind-the-scenes team that ensures that these portrayals fully come to life.

McKinnon and Baldwin, a combination which Clinton deems as being “priceless”, will likely only have one last night on stage together. Airing tonight, the much-anticipated show hosted by Benedict Cumberbatch will be the final new episode before Election Day.

We can’t wait to see it — and surely, Hillary Clinton will be watching along as well.