We’re always game to try new workouts and fitness crazes. A Buffy the Vampire Slayer-inspired workout? Yes, please. A regimen of exercises for people who sit all day? Sounds perfect. And now, Hilary Swank shared her arm workout on Instagram, and it’s giving us serious #FitnessGoals.

Seriously, the Million Dollar Baby star is not messing around.

The video shows Swank propped up against an exercise ball. She’s lifting a barbell up and down with her left hand, demonstrating perfect form and focus. All the while, Tag Team’s 1993 mega-hit “Whoomp There It Is” is blasting in the background. Great pump-up song, Hil.

The video is a full minute long, so there’s no telling how long Swank kept this arm workout going. It’s seriously intense and seriously impressive. Celebs train with the best of the best. So when a fitness regimen is good enough for them, you know it’s good enough for us regular people!

But our favorite part of Swank’s post? All of the positivity in the comments section!

Everyone had super encouraging words for the actress. They complimented her form, encouraged her to keep going, and thanked her for inspiring them to hit the gym. One Instagram user even suggested that Swank share her workout playlist with the rest of us, and we COMPLETELY agree!

We’ve always known that Swank is a fitness fiend; it says so in her Instagram bio. But now that we’ve seen her arm workout in action, we know she means business. Keep the the videos coming, Hilary!