The Cast of One Tree Hill Appears at FYE in New York City - February 7, 2006
Credit: Lawrence Lucier/Getty Images

It’s pretty great when our girl crushes turn out to be best friends in IRL. The latest pair of BFFs to hit our radar? One Tree Hill besties Hilarie Burton and Sophia Bush, aka Brooke and Peyton, confirmed that they’re just as close off-screen. Aww. They join the ranks of celebrity dream duos like Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox, Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence… Oh, and who could forget the queens of hilarity, Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza? But we digress. Hilarie Burton and Sophia Bush have both come a long way since their One Tree Hill days, so we’re delighted to hear that they’re still BFFs.

How Hilarie Burton and Sophia Bush became BFFs IRL

In an interview with Refinery 29, Burton explained how life on the set of One Tree Hill brought her and Bush closer together. “…We’ve got all these male bosses telling us how teenage girls should act and feel, and we’ve got all these different variables coming at us.” But, she continues: “I think now, as grown-up women, we can look back, the same way Brooke and Peyton could, and be like, Man, we survived some stuff together, huh? And that’s a good feeling.” Oh yeah, we hear that. If you have a work BFF, you know that feeling well!

Their on-screen friendship

Okay, we admit it: We still totally miss One Tree Hill. The friendship between Brooke and Peyton is a huge part of that. They were the kind of TV BFFs that taught us about friendship while we were growing up. Brooke and Peyton made it through a lot: despite three messy love triangles, they proved that true BFFs don’t let guys get in the way. Or as they would say: “hoes before bros.” (Honestly though, ladies, we need a better rhyme to express that…)

Here’s to BFFs everywhere.