Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Sep 20, 2016 @ 3:38 pm
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Credit: Hilaria Baldwin / https://www.instagram.com/hilariabaldwin

New moms, get ready for a confidence boost because Hilaria Baldwin just shared a series of nearly-nude post-pregnancy selfies, and she is shame-free in the *best* way. What a queen! She birthed baby Leo just a week ago, and she and hubby Alec Baldwin have been all smiles. We’re so happy for them both, and happy that the stunning new mom is as confident as ever.

She is so, so gorgeous at any size, and we love that she’s showing that being a new mom doesn’t mean you have to start covering up or being ashamed of your body. Even though women are pressured to “bounce back,” right after having a baby, what we really should be focusing on is how AWESOME and STRONG those women’s bodies are for creating life and giving birth to it. We love that Baldwin is pushing back against the unrealistic idea that a woman’s body needs to be back to its normal ‘ol self the second her baby is birthed.

The fitness-lover is finding new ways to stay healthy post-pregnancy, and we’re loving it.

We’re sending nothing but love to the incredible new mom!