It sounds like a weird dream you once had, but it’s actually true — Chris Rock and Michelle Obama discussed the future together at some point during the beginning of the year. But according to Rock, it didn’t really go as planned.

Rock was a guest on The Tonight Show last night, and discussed the moment, which he’s still thinking about. Rock was a guest at the Obamas’ big star-studded exit party at the White House, and it turns out that the former FLOTUS confided in him about her worries regarding the future.

While Rock listened in to what she had to say, his response wasn’t the most eloquent.

Sounds like a pretty heavy discussion, right?

You’ll. Be. Aight. But, it gets worse.

Rock continued to say that Obama likely had her choice of new jobs ahead of her. She could do absolutely anything — she’s Michelle Obama, after all. It was then where Obama finally stopped him and reiterated that she was talking about the country, not herself.

We have to admit, it’s pretty hilarious. We’re sure that he was forgiven. After all, Obama is a very classy lady, who likely knows that Rock meant well. As for Rock, he admitted that he’s not meant to be alone with a woman as incredible as her.

We’re so happy that even in the most awkward moments, Rock can still see the humor in things.