Here’s proof that Katy Perry and Perrie Edwards are actually twins

The internet is such an awesome thing. It gives us a safe space to rant about the little annoyances of our day, it helps us connect with wonderful new friends all across the world, and brings us closer to our favorite celebrities. But the internet can be a little creepy, in the best way possible. We’d like to introduce you to KATY PERRIE. No, that wasn’t a typo. The internet has brought us definitive proof thatKaty Perry and Perrie Edwards are totally twins. Of course, both ladies are beyond beautiful but take a look at this side-by-side melding of their faces.

Instagram user @perriebooo spotted it first. She captioned her picture, “GUYS IT’S KATY AND PERRIE BUT THEIR FACES ARE MIXED. IT’S [EDITED]. IT’S A MIX OF BOTH OF [THEIR] FACES!” I mean, it is totally crazy when you start to look too long, as we most definitely did.

Clearly, @perriebooo isn’t the only one to see the crazy resemblance.

It seems Katy and Perrie are just as obsessed with each other as we are with them. Apparently when Perrie met Perry they spent the entire time gushing over each others’ style — Katy even admitted to having a stash of Perrie’s pictures on her computer for fashion inspiration. She reportedly said, “I love your hair. I’ve got photos of you on my laptop. I went ‘I feel sick’. That’s all I said. How embarrassing is that? I hope I get another opportunity to show my coolness.”

And the “Little Mix” singer has called Katy her “ultimate fitness inspiration” in a recent interview, according to The Belfast Telegraph. Great minds think alike, right?

We’re totally loving the love and support between these two. #girlpower

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