Lindsey Sirera
Updated Apr 07, 2017 @ 10:40 am

Being the smoking hot heartthrob he is, it’s hard to believe anything could make Harry Styles feels a little insecure. However, Styles revealed the transformation that made him feel “naked” on BBC’s Radio One — and it wasn’t breaking away from One Direction and launching a solo music and acting career.

If you’re a die-hard One Directioner (or just full-out Harry Styles fanatic), then you can *probably* already guess what change gave the superstar cause to feel bare: his legendary hair! While taking on a coveted role in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming war flick, Dunkirk, Harry had to shed his long tresses to take on the part of a soldier. But of course, Harry was willing to sacrifice his hair for his art (plus, it’ll grow back anyways!).

Credit: Mark Robert Milan/Stringer/Getty Images

If you’re wondering what happened to Harry’s locks, no, he didn’t hang on to them…or merely throw them in the trash. Instead, Harry took a much more charitable course of action.

Credit: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

“It got made into a wig,” he said, revealing he’d donated his lopped-off locks to a cancer charity. Aw shucks, what a nice guy!

While we certainly were onboard with Mr. Styles luscious long hair (swoon), in all honesty, we have to say he’s quite the dapper chap with his shorter, slicked-back ‘do. In fact, we’re not sure which style we like better at this point. Dilemmas, dilemmas!