Just when you think it couldn’t be possible for him to be any more perfect, Harry Styles called a Manchester bombing victim to spread a little love. Freya Lewis, a 14 year old victim, who suffered injuries from shrapnel in the bombing, is a huge fan of Harry’s, and according to a blog post from her family, hearing from her favorite singer has been a bright spot in a very dark time in her life.

“Freya has been sewn, bolted, drilled and bandaged back together. It is going to be a long climb but we are on the first step,” her family wrote in an ongoing blog series on the Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School’s website.

Freya has been in an out of consciousness since the bombing, requiring many hours of surgery.

She also lost her best friend Nell, who had gone to the concert with her.

Even though she has most been healing, Freya’s older sister Georgia knew that she was going to need something to make her feel better. Georgia was the one who got the idea to reach out to Harry via social media to try and cheer up her little sister.

Styles is from the same area of the U.K. as Freya (he attended the same school she currently attends) and has spoken out about the bombing. He has also been very open about his love for his fans so it is no surprise that he would so something so sweet.

Freya’s family posted about the phone call, and it seemed that the entire family has nothing but love for Harry Styles. Not surprisingly, Styles told Freya “he loved her,” and even Freya’s Dad expressed his love for Styles.

It is so wonderful when celebrities are willing to make their fan’s day in such a powerful way. Keep it up, Harry, and always spread the love!