Harry Styles has kept himself busy, busy, busy since his notoriously popular band, One Direction, broke up last year. Harry acted in the highly anticipated film Dunkirk, co-penned a handful of songs for today’s hottest recording artists, and even struck a several-album deal with Columbia Records. His first solo single, Sign of the Times, officially dropped on April 7.

While doing publicity for his new single on The Graham Norton Show, the host put the famously dashing singer in the hot seat and clarified some truly bizarre rumors.

Graham started the segment with a relatively tame rumor, but quickly escalated it to some pretty strange stuff. When asked if Harry brought carrot cake to a Fleetwood Mac concert, Harry tried to suppress a devilish little grin. He then admitted to loving carrot cake. And, yes – he did indeed bring it to the concert.

One of the more outrageous rumors involves Harry Styles getting Chlamydia from a koala bear.

Yeesh! Talk about cringe-inducing weirdness.

Harry shook his head dramatically and told Graham that that rumor is not true. Graham then stated another crazy rumor. Did Harry have a sexual relationship with Barack Obama?

Harry jokingly tells us he’s legally not allowed to say whether or not he’s had the relationship with the former president.

Most interestingly, when asked if Harry auditioned to be the new Hans Solo, he simply grinned in response. He never gave the audience a direct response. So from that body language, we’d like to think the answer is yes!

Watch the whole video to see the fun in action.

And get ready to see lots more of Harry since his upcoming flick, Dunkirk, hits theaters July 21.