Rachel Charlene Lewis
December 12, 2016 8:42 pm

Earlier this week, the incredible Halsey performed at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert, and she made a statement that’s ruffling some feathers. At the concert, Halsey wore a jacket illustrating sexism among the Nobel prize winners. It isn’t that she’s saying they’re sexist, not at all. The fact is the star was concerned about the lack of female recipients of the Nobel prize, and the structural issues that cause less women to be educated around the world. As a result, Halsey made a statement about sexism at the concert, and she elaborated upon it with a post to Instagram.

In her Instagram post, she explained why she felt the need to speak out against sexism on a structural level.

She wrote,


Halsey continued,

Nigel Waldron/ Getty Images

Finally, Halsey said,

We’re *so* here for this empowering message. As Halsey explained, this isn’t some form of ~reverse sexism~ or trying to privilege women over men.

This is about equality, and giving everyone a shot. We respect Halsey so much for using her platform to make a statement. We love her so much!