Being a working mom can be a tricky buisness, as you have to really know how to balance your time. In fact, it’s something that Halle Berry says she still struggles with.

Berry, who has two children, recently admitted that she’s never really had a birthday party, although she did say that she makes sure that she pampers herself on Mother’s Day. “That’s the day I take credit for…I work so hard as a mom,” she told E! News.

While she works hard as a mom, Berry also works hard as an actor, and she has two films coming out soon: Kingsman: The Golden Circle and ridicu-thriller Kidnap.

However, Halle Berry says she often feels guilty about working and being a mom.

Speaking to People while judging The Final Pitch for The Venture, the 50-year-old got pretty candid.

“You don’t ever balance it completely,” she admitted. “It’s a constant struggle of a little more time there, a little more time here, and feeling a little bit guilty all the time.”

Berry said that she often has to remind herself and her mom friends to “give ourselves a little slack” so that they don’t feel guilty. As she says, people do the best that they can.

For her personally, she finds that having a career actually helps her be a better mom to her two children — daughter Nahla Ariela, aged nine, and son, three-year-old Maceo-Robert.

“It makes us better able to operate in our careers with a sense of compassion and empathy that make us better businesswoman,” she explained. “We have to have them both and we have to keep trying to figure it out. And we get it wrong sometimes. And guess what, that is okay too.”

The actor, who won an Oscar for her role in Monster’s Ball, said she wanted her children to see how hard she worked, especially her daughter, who she said she wanted to be “the captain of her ship in life.”

That doesn’t mean that there isn’t space for some quality time as a family.

“When I happen to have free time I am always thinking about what can I do with them,” she said. What can I do to have those moments really matter. I want that quality time because I know quantity is sometimes limited.”

We totally get where Halle Berry is coming from, and it’s pretty inspiring to hear her open up about an issue that affects so many parents.

Meanwhile, Halle Berry has two movies coming out soon. Kidnap will be released on August 4th, while Kingsman: The Golden Circle, opens on September 22nd.