Sundi Rose
Updated Feb 13, 2017 @ 4:51 pm

Right in time for Valentine’s Day, Halle Berry offers up some real talk about love and relationships. Berry recently delivered a speech at the 2017 City Summit and Gala. In it, Berry opened up about her previous marriages, according to Entertainment Tonight. She also got real about what it means to have loved and lost. And she talks about how she deals with all of it it as a mom.

Berry has been married three times. Each of those eventually ended up in a divorce. She dubs them her “three failed marriages.” And she goes on to share that each of those experiences made her feel, “guilty and responsible.”

It’s fascinating to hear how a woman as powerful as Berry can still let those intense emotions get the best of her.

While not every relationship works out, it’s crazy that she takes on that emotional burden. And we admire the courage it takes to discuss it all on such a public forum.

She opened up about how those marriages changed her view on the institution in general.

It’s so true that are so many unrealistic expectations about love and relationships. And it’s refreshing to be reminded that finding that special someone can be difficult, even for someone as awesome as Halle Berry.

She also talks about the toll that her relationships have taken on her children.

Maybe the most important part about Berry’s thoughts on her past are what’s she’s learned from it. She feels that every relationship was necessary for her. And she says she’s grateful for the lessons she learned from all of her relationships. And that is a great reminder to take care of ourselves and, even if we’re feeling intense emotions from a break up, to let ourselves off the hook.

Wise words, Halle Berry. We’re grateful to you for sharing them.