Olivia Jade
October 07, 2017 7:17 am
Karwai Tang / Getty Images

For a woman who’s lived a full life of success (and still looks damn good), Halle Berry is the last woman we’d expect to ever use the word “regret.” And Berry just shared a flashback photo proving us correct. Miss Berry blessed the ‘Gram yesterday with a throwback picture of herself. It’s safe to say the only thing that’s changed is her curly ‘do.

We’re not new to the 51-year-old Golden Globe winner breaking the internet with her absolutely gorgeous looks and body positivity. (Remember when Berry wore a sheer top and Instagram lost it?) But her vulnerability, openness, and fearlessness keep us hooked. (C’mon — she’s absolutely gorgeous too.)

The photo shows a younger — but not at all less beautiful — Berry in an oversized denim jacket and striped shirt.

Berry’s never been a public figure with a personality that hides in the array of characters she’s played; she has always seemed to be unapologetic about who she is. This year the actress and mother of two has been more open about her past.

Who needs a fairy tale when you live a life of no regrets? Right, Halle?