Kenya Foy
February 27, 2017 3:59 pm

Undoubtedly, the 2017 Academy Awards had some major dramz, but if you were distracted by one of the hugest awards show mishaps of all time, then this moment might’ve slipped beneath your radar: Hailee Steinfeld came thisclose to stealing an Oscar. Ya know, we don’t ordinarily promote theft around these parts, but we could totally understand the temptation of grabbing the unattended golden statuette and hauling ass.

With all the brouhaha that went down during the unprecedented Best Picture award mixup, Steinfeld could’ve easily snatched up the statuette without anyone noticing. In a video the Pitch Perfect 3 actress shared on Twitter, the coveted golden award was right next to her seat, luring her in with his shiny, glittering shimmeriness and obviously calling her name.

Whew, that was a close call! Srsly, that level of restraint deserves a standing ovation. But dammit, Hailee, if you didn’t insist upon slaying us with yet another unbelievably gorgeous lewk (yes, we are referring to that eye-catching, fairy tale-inspired dress Steinfeld wore to the Oscars), you could’ve made off with the golden man without attracting attention. Your alibi could’ve gone something like, “Oh yah, I totally won an Oscar but they didn’t air my acceptance speech because Warren Beatty [insert unintelligible mumble here].”

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So, in the near future, if we see Steinfeld walk the Academy Awards red carpet in a frumpy frock with noticeably large pockets, we’ll already know what her plans are for the evening. That is, if she doesn’t rightfully win an Oscar first.

We *totally* hope that happens but if she gets a sudden case of sticky fingers during next year’s ceremony, her secret will be safe with us.