As we wind down from our own Mother’s Day celebrations, we’re left seeing how other people chose to spend the special day. While for some of us the day was spent with breakfast in bed, or sipping coffee with our moms, some celebrities had different ideas. Ex-goals Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin celebrated at the Museum of Ice Cream, and the results are delectable! While they may not be married anymore, the duo seems to have a solid relationship, and their outing to the museum shows it.

They chose to celebrate their daughter Apple’s birthday at the museum, with her brother Moses also joining in on the festivities. This is the kind of family outing we can get behind! The museum is exactly what it sounds like. Want to lie in a pool of sprinkles? How about tan atop a popsicle? You got it!

While we’re not sure how Gwyneth, Chris, and their children spent their time at the museum, we’re sure it was spectacular. There’s nothing like telling your mom, and your sister, how much you appreciate them by surrounding them with your favorite sweet treat!

This sounds like the coolest birthday/Mother’s Day combo around. Two for the price of one, PLUS being surrounded by everything ice cream?! Our only hope is that they went out for some ice cream after the museum. Cheers to that!