Karen Belz
February 16, 2017 8:46 am

One of the reasons why we dig The Voice so much is because of the behind-the-scenes romance it created. But, things weren’t always so solid. In fact, Gwen Stefani questioned her relationship with Blake Shelton based on one very funny and not-too-serious quirk, proving that we’ve all got to lay down the law somewhere.

Stefani realized that there was something glaringly wrong with Shelton during a fun trip to Disneyland late last year. Oddly enough, it was Shelton’s first time there.

And while it must have been a magical experience, Stefani quickly realized that there was something he refused to do.

Shelton refused to go on a roller coaster.

Now, it wasn’t like he was too afraid. At least, that’s not the excuse that he used at the time.

Blake Shelton is estimated to be 6’5″. Poor (tall) guy.

Watch the full clip — just hearing Stefani and Fallon talk about Disneyland is pretty magical.

We’re pretty sure that Shelton had a memorable first time at the theme park no matter what — and we’re so glad that Stefani positively gave him a push to try something new.

And, yes — just like Stefani, we’ll give him a pass on this whole roller coaster thing. He seems like an incredible boyfriend regardless of whether or not he rides on Space Mountain.