Karen Belz
January 09, 2017 7:30 am
Glamour Magazine / www.youtube.com

Back in school, you might have had an assignment where you wrote a letter to your future self. It’s a pretty incredible exercise — and makes you realize how many positive changes you end up making during life. Glamour Magazine decided to turn it around and ask celebrities like Gwen Stefani and Rashida Jones what advice they’d give to their ten-year-old selves, and their responses are nothing short of refreshing.

One of the best things about this video is the fact that Glamour truly found strong, incredible women to interview.

Along with Stefani and Jones, they also chatted with Olympian Simone Biles, Zendaya, and Rowan Blanchard, the latter best known for her role in Girl Meets World.

While the whole video is incredible, we especially love the part where Rashida Jones almost tears up while answering the question. The emotion she’s feeling is so genuine and reveals how powerful of a question it really is.

We’re also loving the short but sweet answer that Biles gave. Just recently, the gymnast had to prove once again that she’s an incredible role model for today’s youth, after fighting back against people on the internet who were trying to make her feel bad about her gorgeous, muscular frame.

Glamour Magazine / www.youtube.com

This video is motivational for people, especially women, of all ages. We’ll be keeping it bookmarked whenever we need a boost of encouragement — after all, each year is just one more piece of the big puzzle of life. And no matter what, each one is incredibly important.