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There is little else we dislike more than a person who feels it’s within their right to invade another person’s space, touching them inappropriately or against their will in any manner. For whatever reason, many consider celebrities “fair game,” for some inane reason, thinking it’s appropriate to reach out and physically grab a famous person solely because they’re a public figure. This is, quite obviously, completely absurd and NOT OKAY by any stretch of the imagination. Being assaulted is a serious matter, whether the victim and/or perpetrator are famous or not.

Last week, Gigi Hadid found herself fighting back in a troubling situation, after a man she didn’t know approached her on the street, grabbed her and lifted her off the ground. We applauded Gigi’s kickass moves in defending herself – she elbowed the man who assaulted her in the face, like a total BAMF – and shook our heads at the legions of news reports insinuating that Gigi somehow handled herself inappropriately, which Gigi rightfully called out as absolute nonsense.

We obviously don’t advocate violence, but this was a clear as day example of self-defense – a stranger grabbing you is never something to shrug off and politely “deal with.”

Now, another similar attack has occurred to Kim Kardashian. Reportedly, the same man who grabbed Hadid lunged at Kim K while she was in Paris.

In the above photo, you can clearly see the man – reportedly named Vitalii Sediuk, who is inexplicably chiefly described as a “prankster” rather than “attacker” by multiple media outlets – kneeling and reaching for Kim’s behind, looking like he is going to kiss her butt.

WTF. So invasive and disturbing! What a hilarious “prank.” (Not.)

Horrifyingly, E! Online pointed out that this wasn’t even the first time Sediuk had lunged at Kim – in 2014, he grabbed her legs while she was in Paris for Fashion Week, almost knocking her over.

Luckily, Kim’s ace security team was able to take the man down fast. Her bodyguard Pascal Duvier has ninja-like reflexes and a video of the encounter proudly shared by Duvier himself shows the bodyguard taking the attacker down with no problem. false

We’re so glad that Kim has a kickass security team looking out for her. Kim took to Twitter to express her thanks for her bodyguard’s quick moves, calling him a G, and has reportedly contacted the authorities in France in an attempt to press charges against Sediuk.

Us Weekly reports that, in addition to Kim and Gigi, this celeb “prankster” has targeted multiple celebrities over the course of several years, including Bradley Cooper, America Ferrera, and Brad Pitt. Here’s hoping that Kim’s complaint with ensure that this serial attacker finally faces actual consequences for his actions.