Rachel Charlene Lewis
September 21, 2016 8:16 am
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We have so much love for Kelly McCreary, aka Maggie Pierce on Grey’s Anatomy. So when she opened up about dealing with some serious “subtle” racism on the red carpet, and about micro-aggressions in general, we listened. And what she had to say is *so* important, and definitely worth reading.

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Then, Kelly McCreary tried something different.

It’s nothing against her fellow Grey’s cast member.

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Because, does this happen with white people? Pretty much never, while it’s just a day in the life of people of color. Remember when America Ferrera got mixed up with Eva Longoria at The Golden Globes? And the countless black celebs who have, somehow, left reporters and photographers dazed and confused?

Sometimes it’s just an honest mistake, but other times it’s proof that our society as a whole, despite claiming colorblindness, sees *nothing* but color, and assumes swapping one POC out for another is NBD. And, well, it is. 

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She asks us to be better, and to do better. This just isn’t okay.

Thank you, Kelly McCreary, for this vulnerable and difficult piece. We’re here, and we’re listening. Sending nothing but love your way.

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