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Aging in Hollywood is such a sensitive issue – particularly for women. We’ve seen countless examples, time and again, of the differing standards that male and female actors are held to as they get older. Several actresses, like Amy Schumer and Gillian Anderson, have gotten super real about aging in Hollywood (and especially about the specific types of limited roles offered to women once they hit “a certain age”). And we absolutely love them for it.

Ellen Pompeo has also long been an outspoken voice in favor of equal representation, in terms of both race and gender. Recently, she brought up the notion of being a woman while aging in Hollywood, and we’re seriously applauding her incredibly enlightening and important remarks. Especially since they were made for her daughters.

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Pompeo is right on the money here. Women, particularly in Hollywood, are regularly pitted against one another, which is obviously awful. The actress went on to speak about the necessity of continuing to break down barriers for women and the pervasive falsehood that it is men only, and not women, who improve with age.

“I think there’s a lot of glass ceilings and we have to keep busting all of them,” she said. “So this is one glass ceiling that definitely needs to be broken.

“The truth is, we do get better with age. It’s just society has told us forever that we don’t. And for some reason we believe that because men want us to believe that they get better with age, but really it’s us who get better with age.”

Pompeo might know this issue better than almost anyone. She’s played the lead role of Meredith Grey on the ABC hit Grey’s Anatomy for over a decade (the show is currently entering its thirteenth season). And she was quick to note that she was speaking from personal experience, revealing, “I know for myself, I’m 10 times the woman I was 10 years ago.

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Pompeo has always been an amazing actress and role model, and her words are wise. We absolutely love her form of self-love and how she has celebrated getting older.

Now, here’s hoping the idea that ~all~ women age like a fine wine becomes more widely stated and celebrated.