Becca Rose
Updated September 30, 2017
Amanda Edwards/WireImage

Kate Walsh played the beloved Dr. Addison Montgomery for years. She started out on Grey’s Anatomy and then led six seasons of the spin-off Private Practice. So she’s no stranger to pretending to be a doctor. But then it came time for her to find her real-life version of Addison. When she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, she wanted to find a real doctor who she could trust.

Kate Walsh recently opened up about her journey from diagnosis to surgery to recovery. It sounds like it was a difficult journey, but perhaps made a bit easier by her years of wearing the white coat. She spoke about her connection to the role of a doctor while finding her actual doctor in a recent interview with ABC Radio.

When Walsh initially received her diagnosis, there was no word on if the tumor was benign or not. It would seem that finding a doctor who was confident and reassuring would be very helpful. Luckily, after removal, the tumor was declared benign.

Kate Walsh was deliberate about keeping her health scare under wraps for a while.

She’s talking about it now because she’s fully recovered, and ready to raise awareness. And that is probably thanks to her IRL Dr. Addison. We’re so glad she’s doing okay!