Karen Belz
March 10, 2017 10:42 am

He knows how to cook, sure — but now we know he can handle himself on social media. It turns out that Gordon Ramsay handles Twitter trolls in a pretty incredible way. How does one try and get under Ramsay’s skin? Easy. They send him photos of really terrible dinners.

It’s pretty harmless and hilarious if you think about it. It’s obvious that those who are trying to get a rise out of Ramsay are doing it because they’re huge fans of the celebrity chef. And since Ramsay pretty much carved his niche in the entertainment world based on cursing and anger, his responses are actually funny and endearing.

Here are just a few of our favorite Ramsay slams:

1The mess of beans.

2The “ruff” insult.

3The ophthalmologist shout-out.

4The sad sausages.

5The deadly burn.

6“Paging Dr. Ramsay.”

7Too cruel for school.

8The crisp burn.

9The carnivore’s nightmare.

Okay, so maybe he was being a little hard on that last one. We mean, sure — it’s not the best looking dish, but at least the plating is pretty creative. It probably made someone’s Valentine’s Day a little more special, right?

The fact that Ramsay is responding to a bunch of these is making fans eager to share their absolute worst with him. And of course, there are a few joke tweets that get sent over as well.

Now we’re more tempted than ever to fire up the stove and create a Ramsay-worthy dish. We’re just hoping that he treats us more like the contestants on MasterChef Junior, and less like the contestants on Hell’s Kitchen.