While it’s always interesting to see a celebrity feud take place through Twitter, this one is definitely unexpected. Gordon Ramsay is currently battling Miss Piggy — yes, the famous Muppet — through the social media site. And we’re kind of obsessed with how it all unfolded.

The two actually met up during last night’s episode of MasterChef Junior. Miss Piggy and the Swedish Chef came on the set to help critique some of the dishes made by the young contestants. It was definitely a pretty swanky gig to get. But, it doesn’t mean that Piggy and Ramsay became close friends after the cameras stopped rolling.

Before the episode aired, Ramsay posted a pretty accusatory tweet geared towards Piggy.

Of course, Piggy fired back.

And just like that, Ramsay was shut down. Miss Piggy definitely knows how to handle criticism — in fact, we haven’t really seen her lose a fight in years.

The two definitely got off to a rough start on MasterChef Junior. Piggy referred to Ramsay as “Godfrey” instead of Gordon (and later, “Gary”) and then Ramsay surprised Piggy by forcing her to cook dish as well — steak frites. He said that it was due to the fact that Piggy was an expert with French food, but we kind of think it was a malicious move. Who wants to cook when you expect to be served?

Credit: FOX

At least she got a bedazzled white apron out of the deal. So, maybe Gordon Ramsay does have a soft spot in his heart for her after all. Or, did. While Piggy’s dish was criticized (since Ramsay made it himself) we have a feeling that Kermit would still be pretty proud.