The other day on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the audience was packed with mothers. So, it made sense for Goldie Hawn to give advice for first-time moms. We mean, she successfully raised Kate Hudson and sons Oliver and Wyatt, so her knowledge is probably pretty good.

As expected, she dished out some completely perfect advice that likely put the audience at ease.

First, there’s the feeling that happens right after you give birth.

(It’s true.)

But then, she talked a bit more about raising a child. And what she had to say is pretty beautiful.

Pretty powerful words, especially on the fly! Well said, Goldie.

Amy Schumer, Hawn’s co-star in the film Snatched, also had some words to say about motherhood. While not a mother herself, why not, right?

Her advice is, more or less, for certain moms to just “shut their yap.”

She makes a great point. As far as motherhood is concerned, there’s no one right way to handle it!