Credit: Barry King / Getty Images

While she’s definitely a grown woman, Goldie Hawn has thoughts about Kate Hudson’s love life. But lucky enough for Hudson, those thoughts seem to be pretty positive. After rumors spread that Hudson had dated Nick Jonas for a short time in 2015 and 2016, Hawn admitted that it was true.

Hawn was asked about the relationship on Watch What Happens Live and made it obvious that the age gap (Jonas is 24 while Hudson is 38) wasn’t really a big deal for her.

Hawn’s enthusiasm pretty much proved that in her eyes, no question was off limits.

Hawn made sure to say that Jonas was a really nice guy, and a solid person. But she even took it up a notch, and said that if the relationship lasted a little longer, she totally would have cooked for him.

While we love our own mothers, we have to admit — having Hawn as a mom must be pretty cool.

These days, Hudson has been seen with Danny Fujikawa, a musician who founded Lightwave Records a few years ago. Hudson brought him out to the premiere of Hawn’s new movie, Snatched, which hits theaters today.