Briana Hansen
April 04, 2017 9:54 am
Christopher Polk/Getty Images for TNT

Actress and advocate Gina Rodriguez spoke out about what it means to be a modern woman. During a recent interview, the Golden Globe winner got real about feminism and her own personal support system.

And hearing about Gina Rodriguez’s ongoing fighting for gender equality is downright inspiring.

While speaking with about Women’s Equal Pay Day, Gina opened up about her own upbringing. She credited her awesome family and supportive friends for much of her own confidence. And she hopes to use her success and platform as a way to help other women live up to their own potential.

Fresh off the premiere of a collaboration with Luna for Women’s Equal Pay Day, Gina described her own upbringing.

She’s proud that the Luna collaboration will hopefully send a message of unity amongst women. The video features an athletic Gina kicking serious butt in the gym while discussing how important it is that women feel empowered.

The Luna campaign is also helping raise funds for women’s salary negotiation workshops. The workshops hope to help women learn skills to ask for what they deserve in work environments. And, in learning these skills, women can hopefully begin to decrease the gender pay gap by asking their worth.

Gina also believes that women should continue to educate themselves on what it means to be a modern feminist.

She thinks it’s important to be active and knowledgable about experiences and causes that are unique to women.

Her message of unity and sisterhood ring loud and clear.

We love that this brilliant and badass feminist clearly practices what she preaches.