jessica tholmer
Updated July 23, 2017
The CW

We always hope that co-stars love each other IRL. When it comes to the Jane the Virgin cast, we don’t have to wonder. This crew is constantly showing support for one another on Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. Gina Rodriguez is particularly good at spreading the love.

Yesterday, she took it to the next level in honor of her TV dad, Jaime Camil.

To celebrate Camil’s birthday, Gina Rodriguez gifted him — and us — a carousel of hilarious videos starring the two of them. The Instagram album is adorable, and goes to show the Jane the Virgin cast is the real deal.

The first video is a dubsmash of Camil and Rodriguez singing “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea, but we got the pleasure of seeing the two cover a ton of songs. Their dance moves are impeccable, which should come as no surprise to JtV fans. Dance is a consistent part of the show, even when it’s just Jane happy dancing in her kitchen.

The Instagram post only proved that Jane the Virgin has the best cast.

And that Rodriguez and Camil have just as amazing a relationship in real life as they do on screen — if not an even better one. The actors all love each other so much, and clearly have a ton of fun together on a very regular basis.

Camil also reposted the ‘gram, thanking Rodriguez for her kind words.

We just adore them.

Happy birthday, Jaime Camil! We hope the day was as special as you are.

Now BRB, we’re going to watch this birthday post over and over.