Natalia Lusinski
Updated Jul 29, 2017 @ 12:05 pm
Credit: Victor VIRGILE / Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

We always love seeing what fashion and hair trends Gigi Hadid brings our way. After all, why ~not~ learn the latest from a supermodel?! Now, Gigi Hadid’s bright pink ponytail is unicorn-chic, according to People, and we want one in our hair, and STAT! Recently, she had a photo shoot with Maybelline and that’s when some of Hadid’s newly blonde hair went pink. Before that, you may remember seeing Hadid in a Versace ad with splashes of red in her hair. No matter what shade Hadid’s hair is, we have to have it, because she rocks every single look.

Here is Hadid with the bright pink ponytail we’re going to try for ourselves later!

And here’s another look at it — just in case you need more convincing!

Btw, can we please comment on how much we want Hadid’s Star Wars tee-shirt, too?!

Of course, other celebs we love are also into dyeing their hair pink, or at least dyeing some of their hair pink or trying out pink with a wig. For instance, you may remember Salma Hayek’s ahhhhh-mazing look at the Cannes Film Festival this year when she wore a pink wig.

And Troian Bellisario’s another one of our faves who’s pretty in pink!

January Jones, aka Betty Draper, has gotten in on the trend, too. She went for a more subtle pink, because, with pink, you can go as light-pink or as bright-pink as you want!

Meanwhile, Selena Gomez went for a darker shade of pink.


And, of course, short hair loves pink, too! Just look at Keke Palmer’s fuchsia buzz cut (flowers not included!)!

As usual, Gigi Hadid, thank you for the #HairInspo! Btw, for pink hair to call your own, you can always watch this quick video tutorial!

Okay, like we said earlier, we know what we’re doing later! And with so many wash-out hair dyes on the market, it’s a win-win — we can always change hair colors (as Hadid has shown us time and time again!). Now if you’ll excuse us while we go choose a shade of pink, which may take a while…