Briana Hansen
November 02, 2016 12:46 pm

At this point, we’re already well-aware that Gigi Hadid and Taylor Swift’s relationship is basically our #friendshipgoals. The two superstars clearly have so much fun together and are super supportive of each major accomplishment in their respective mega-successful careers.

So hearing Gigi Hadid share details of Taylor Swift’s Halloween party on Today is making us love them both even more.

It was Gigi’s first appearance on the morning show, which she said she grew up watching. The host, Matt Lauer, commented on how impressed everyone at the show was with her kindness. Gigi said that she makes “a conscious effort” to be nice to people and connect with them, so she appreciated the host pointing it out.

Of course, it didn’t take long before Lauer wanted to know details about the ultimate #girlsquad Halloween she had with her superstar BFF.

Lauer, like all of us, was surprised at how casually she left out the name of her famous “friend,” and pressed for details. Gigi laughed and clarified that her friend was indeed Taylor Swift. But we already knew that since they posted the most epic squad pics from the night that we totally loved.

Gigi continued on with some more details of their relaxing night, which sounded like the perfect way to chill out with close friends.

And despite the fact that her Cub Scout costume was amazing, she admitted it was a last minute idea she just threw together.

If her epic Cub Scout outfit wasn’t even what she had planned, we ~need~ to know what her other costume was and exactly what she’s saving it for so we can be ready to enjoy it.

She continued the interview discussing her collaboration with Stuart Weitzman and how her fall shoe line proceeds will help build schools in underserved areas through Pencils of Promise.  So Gigi is not only a kind person and amazing friend, she’s also a generous human being.