Karen Fratti
Updated March 01, 2017

Disney theme parks are supposedly the happiest places on earth. Gigi Hadid in Mickey Mouse hands at Disneyland in Paris with her sister, Bella, totally proves it. The two models made a pit stop after working all last week at Milan Fashion Week and apparently had the time of their lives. Both of them posted the same picture of themselves posing with Mickey Mouse, wearing matching Disney hats and Gigi donning a pair of oversized Mickey hands, arguably the best Disney souvenir one can get. Gigi captioned her version of the pic, “Mickey with fans today” and Bella wrote, “Best day ever.”

They were obviously enjoying themselves. Bella also posted a picture of them on the Tower of Terror. You know, one of those pictures that the park takes of everyone on the ride as they defy gravity. Usually those pictures are worth keeping to yourself (no one looks good shrieking on an amusement park ride), but the Hadids have nothing to hide.

In the picture, Gigi is still wearing her Mickey gloves and someone Photoshopped a ridiculously large pair of red sunglasses onto her face. Who wants to bet that it was her sister?

Paris Fashion Week begins on Tuesday this week so the two models deserved a break to have a little fun.

Both women are also collaborating with top designers in addition to walking the runway and taking enviable trips to Disneyland. Gigi is working with Barbie right now to get her very own doll (Mickey gloves not included) and plugging away on the second season of Tommy x Gigi with Tommy Hilfiger. Gigi also has a campaign with Reebok for their #PerfectNever campaign and released videos of some of her favorite workouts with them, so we can all get a sneak peek of her fitness routine.

Her sister Bella is collaborating with Chrome Hearts on her own collection and has big plans for her future. She recently told Women’s Wear Daily that she’s hoping to branch out eventually. She said,

“I’m going to stick with [modeling] and kind of ride it out. And then eventually, I’ll hopefully start dabbling in acting. But I want to be able to give my full attention to one or the other.”

As long as they keep making time for family fun, the women definitely seem to know the meaning of work-life balance.