Dogs are woman’s best friend, there for us whenever we need a cuddle buddy or a lick to remind us of all that’s good in the world. Speaking of all that’s good in the world, Gary Fisher has some news.

One of our favorite four-legged pals, Gary Fisher, will be making his first appearance on the red carpet without his mom, Carrie. The french bulldog was not only Carrie Fisher’s best friend, but also her service dog.

Credit: CJ Rivera/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Following her passing, Gary moved in with the late Carrie’s assistant, Corby McCoin, who will be joining the pup on the red carpet at Silicon Valley Comic Con, where Gary will have the chance to take photos and love on some of his adoring fans.

The best part? Gary’s pretty much a pro at these appearances, since he accompanied his mom to so many red carpet events. So not only will he be calm, cool, and collected, but he’ll be ready for pettings galore. Although Silicon Valley Comic Con draws thousands of fans eager to see Hollywood legends and tech geniuses alike, we like to think that Gary has his own special pedestal at the convention.

After all, to see the sweet pup is to love him! Just take a look at the way his tongue sticks out of his mouth and your heart will burst! All the proceeds from Silicon Valley Comic Con will go towards Gary’s care.

If you can, make sure you stop by the convention from April 21st-23rd, so you can see Gary in the flesh (or should we say fur?).