gabby douglas
Credit: Instagram / Gabby Douglas

By now, we all know and love Gabby Douglas. She’s extraordinarily talented, undeniably beautiful, and really just our #EverythingGoals. Recently, she posted on Instagram about why she’s so happy to be a part of the #MyBlackIsBeautiful movement, and it gave us total heart eyes.

According to their Instagram, #MyBlackIsBeautiful is a community that celebrates everything that makes black women beautiful, inside and out.

It’s not about excluding non-black women, but rather creating a space specifically for encouraging black women to love themselves and each other.

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It’s really so sweet, and *so* important when you take into consideration the low self esteem that many black girls have due to white standards of beauty and racist misogyny. We definitely get why they have Gabby’s support.

Gabby showered #MyBlackIsBeautiful with gratitude for their continued love.

The Olympian wrote, “So happy to have my family and the support of @MBIB w/ me at #Rio2016!”

Considering the negativity Gabby faced as a result of the Olympics, it’s *so* major to know that she has a community behind her to remind us that she is beautiful, and also so ridiculously talented that it makes no sense to fixate on her beauty instead of her skill!

Douglas also thanked her mom for totally being there for her, which is 100% aw-worthy.

“When your mom taught you everything you need to know about being #BeautyEmpowered at #Rio2016! ❤ @MBIB”

Our heart eyes are on 100,000,000, and we remain Gabby’s biggest fans. She’s just so cool, and an incredible role models for young girls all over.