Karen Belz
Updated October 10, 2017

We knew he had some health scares in the past, but we had no clue that Malcolm in the Middle actor Frankie Muniz had severe memory problems. The star opened up about it on Dancing With the Stars, getting real about how he’s managing his health during a pre-taped segment that aired before his big dance with partner Witney Carson.

As it turns out, his TV dad, Bryan Cranston, was also featured in the video to chat about Muniz’s career and health. It’s just nice to know that the two have a real father-son bond outside the set.

Muniz revealed that his girlfriend Paige decided to help aid his memory by writing down the things they do together in a journal. In the video segment, he seemed pretty touched by her efforts to show support.


Cranston, who lovingly comes off as being the biggest fan of Muniz, said that it was his job to help the actor remember certain moments, especially the ones that occurred on the set of Malcolm in the Middle.

One thing we’re a little concerned about is the fact that Muniz admitted he hasn’t seen a doctor about his issues.

Now that it’s out in the open, we hope that he gets some extra help. Alongside his girlfriend’s journal, he’ll have so many wonderful videos circulating of his Dancing with the Stars performances, which will help him remember the amazing experience.