And also to that lavender dip-dye we loved so much.
Florence Pugh
Credit: Edward Berthelot, Getty Images

Out with the blonde and in with the brunette! Florence Pugh debuted her new brown locks in an Instagram Story posted the morning of August 9th. "First day shoot nerves," she captioned the snap. "Let's go, 'The Wonder!!!'" 

After most recently sporting lavender-tipped blonde hair, Pugh went back to what is probably closer to her natural hair color for her new role. And while her hair could very possibly be a wig, it could also quite possibly be a superb dye job. Harkening back to her natural brown isn't much of a stretch—plus, she's had brown hair many times in past years.

Florence Pugh hair
Credit: @florencepugh, Instagram

Pugh arrived in Ireland over the weekend to begin shooting the film adaptation of Emma Donoghue's 2016 novel, The Wonder. On Sunday she posted a photo to Instagram showing the Hollywood sign in Co Wicklow. 

"Less traffic, greener hills, great Guinness," the Oscar nominee wrote in the caption. "A different kind of Hollywood." 

The Wonder tells the story of an English nurse, Lib Wright, who is given the mysterious assignment of watching over an 11-year-old girl who has survived for months without food. Dozens of tourists and a journalist have converged in her tiny village in the Irish Midlands to cover the extraordinary story. 

Pugh plays the role of Lib, who is initially convinced that she'll quickly prove the whole situation is a ruse. Donoghue, the book's author, co-wrote the script along with Alice Birch and Sebastián Lelio. She is best known for writing the book Room and later the screenplay for the 2015 film adaptation starring Brie Larson. Donoghue earned a Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar nomination for Room

"I was instantly intrigued by these cases, which seemed to echo medieval saints starving as an act of penance, and also modern anorexics, but weren't exactly the same as either. It seemed to say a lot about what it's meant to be a girl — in many Western countries, from the 16th century right through to the 20th century — that these girls became celebrities by not eating," Donoghue told Echo. "But I never found one real case that rang that little bell in me, telling me this was the story I had to tell in a novel. Some were too tragic, even for a writer with my dark tastes." 

Instead, Donoghue departed from her usual method of writing a historical fiction novel inspired by a real case and invented an entirely fictional case. 

Pugh is the only cast member who has been named thus far, but we'll definitely stay tuned to her Instagram for any clues of who she'll be sharing the screen with.