Angelica Florio
October 21, 2017 6:13 pm
David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

On the heels of two recent allegations that APA talent agent Tyler Grasham committed sexual assault, Finn Wolfhard terminated his relationship with the agency according to Deadline. At a time when too many in Hollywood are staying silent, it’s the perfect show of support for those who bravely stepped up to report Grasham’s crimes.

Had Wolfhard decided to stop working with Grasham, that would be one thing. But the fact that the Stranger Things star stopped working with APA entirely provides a great example for how men of Hollywood can be better allies to sexual assault victims, especially amidst the Harvey Weinstein scandal. And Wolfhard’s only 14! The future looks bright.

Wolfhard hasn’t released a public statement responding to the assault allegations against his now former agent. However, his actions are speaking for themselves. E! News was also able to confirm that Grasham was fired. The company is now investigating Grasham, who primarily represented child stars.

Rebecca Sapp/WireImage

Finn Wolfhard isn’t the only actor to take a stand, though.

Cameron Boyce of Disney’s Descendants also fired Tyler Grasham. “In light of the allegations [Cameron] felt it necessary to part ways with Tyler Grasham,” Boyce’s publicist Kasey Kitchen explained to The Los Angeles Times. We love that the next generation of Hollywood stars is taking action. And we’re hoping their older colleagues learn by example.

So far, allegations of Grasham’s misconducts have been voiced by former child actor Blaise Godbe Lipman. He wrote about the incident on Facebook after the “me too” movement trended on social media last week. Twenty-seven year-old film and TV editor Lucas Ozarowski also came forward.

The fact that these heinous crimes have been committed under the pretext of business with underage individuals makes them all the more disturbing. We hope that Finn and Cameron are only the first to take a stand. And that the rest of Hollywood learns by example.