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Friends, we have some amazing news: Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui came out as bisexual. Like, yes! In a world with limited bi icons and role models, this is seriously such a big deal. We learned about singer Lauren’s Jauregui’s bisexuality when she wrote an open letter to Donald Trump supporters published in Billboard. And it’s absolutely worth a read.

In her super moving letter to Trump supporters, Lauren came out as bisexual. But that’s not all she had to say. She began her open letter, saying,

She continued,

She explained,

Finally, she said,

Since Lauren Jauregui came out as bisexual, she’s received so much support and love. It gives us all the warm and fuzzies!

Like, TG. We’re so glad she’s gotten so much love. She deserves it!

And trust us when we say this matters so, so much.

Even though it’s 2016, coming out still isn’t easy. Especially for young LGBTQ+ kids of color, being both queer *and* a person of color can feel so lonely. And biphobia adds another complicated layer that can and does have a real impact on mental health and more.

So when we say Lauren Jauregui came out as bisexual, what we’re really saying is TG for this amazing woman. We couldn’t love her more, and we’re sending her nothing but love.