Karen Belz
Updated Aug 28, 2017 @ 9:35 am

He’s had quite the year, so we can totally see how Ed Sheeran’s acceptance speech at the VMAs would be a little — well — clumsy. But hey, that’s why we like him so much.

If you didn’t tune in to watch the show (meaning, you probably watched Game of Thrones instead) you might not have realized that Sheeran won the coveted honor of being named Artist of the Year. But, even though Sheeran is no stranger to awards and award shows — in fact, he helped open the show last night with a performance — he seemed a bit baffled about the award, and how someone would go about earning it.

Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things was lucky enough to present Sheeran with the award, but after accepting it, he adorably fumbled a little bit. This is actually his second win ever, but he’s the very first person to win the award for the brand new category. MTV actually did away with their gendered award categories this year, which is pretty thrilling.

It’s not the speech itself that’s making people talk — it’s the questions Sheeran has that he asks away from the microphone.

And, Twitter loved every second of it.


Perhaps he was taken off-guard since he was in a category with a bunch of other incredible acts. But, we have a feeling he just isn’t all that well-versed in the VMAs. Again, it was only his second moon person award.

We have a feeling that he’ll figure it out in time for next year.