Faith Hill singing Taylor Swift in the car with her daughter is *too* cute to deal with

Admit it: Whether you’re a big Taylor Swift fan or not, you happen to know all the words to “Bad Blood” — and not just because it was on the radio for quite some time. The song is catchy and pretty relatable if you’ve ever had a falling out yourself, which hey, who hasn’t? Here’s another reason to appreciate the tune: singer Faith Hill knows all the words, and can likely belt them out at the drop of a hat. Or rather, at the buckle of a seatbelt.

It’s pretty endearing when singers cover songs by other singers. For Hill, her mini-concert wasn’t on stage, but in her car, where she was en route to drop her daughter Maggie off to college. Maggie is all smiles, looking totally impressed by her Mom. (Probably not the first time, nor the last.)

Maggie, who just turned 18, probably couldn’t have asked for a better college sendoff.  And surely, Taylor herself would probably be pretty impressed by Faith’s dedication to the piece.

As for Faith, it looks like she might be a great contender for the next edition of The Late Late Show With James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke. Hey, Britney did it — why not Faith?

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