celebrity moms judged parenting choices
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You don’t need to have kids to know that being a mom is not an easy gig. Not only is motherhood a difficult, complicated, rewarding experience, but our society thinks it’s ok to constantly judge moms for their parenting choices. And nobody gets judged worse than a mother living in the limelight. Every little thing they do gets dissected and torn apart by the media—and the majority of it is wildly unfair.

Rarely ever do fathers get judged for their parenting choices. Most of the time it’s the moms who get thrown into the fire, and it’s usually for the most minor stuff, like feeding your kid Nutella. It’s a sad thing to see, because it’s clear that these moms—and all moms—are just doing the best they can to raise their kids in this crazy world. So let’s use this Mother’s Day to celebrate moms and all they do, because they love their kids more than anything. And it’s really none of your business what they choose to do as parents.

Here are eight examples of famous moms being judged way too harshly for the way they’re raising their kids.

1Chrissy Teigen going out to dinner shortly after Luna was born

This is what happened in a nutshell: Chrissy Teigen had a baby. Chrissy Teigen went to dinner. Chrissy Teigen was accused of being a bad mom. People had a lot of things to say about her outing a week after she gave birth. They said it was too early to leave her daughter Luna with someone else and that she should have been in bed recovering.

As always, Teigen had the best response. She laughed about it on Twitter, brushed it off, and kept on being the great mother that she is. Her husband John Legend even stepped up and defended their parenting choices. #RelationshipGoals, as always.

2Hillary Duff kissing her son on the lips

Last year, Hillary Duff took her 4-year-old son Luca to Disneyland, which is a totally normal and exciting thing to do with your son. She snapped a picture of her and Luca happily cuddling, and people had a lot of mean things to say about the fact that she was kissing her son on the lips.

People were calling her “weird” and “sick,” and they commented with rude remarks about how she was being a bad mother. It was definitely over the top, especially considering how much love and affection there was in this photo.

Duff fired back with an Instagram post that said this: “For anyone commenting that a kiss on the lips with my four year old is ‘inappropriate’ go ahead and click a quick unfollow with your warped minds and judgment.”

3Kelly Clarkson feeding her daughter Nutella

This one just blows our minds. But apparently people were very upset with the fact that Kelly Clarkson fed her 2-year-old daughter River a piece of toast with Nutella on it. Clarkson documented the occasion, since it was River’s first time ever trying Nutella. The wolves circled in very quickly, saying she was an irresponsible mother who was willingly feeding her kid poison that is “confirmed to give cancer.”

Honestly. It’s incredible what people will judge moms for.

4Kristen Cavallari “starving” her kids

On the Fourth of July last year, Kristen Cavallari celebrated with her family at the beach. She posted an adorable picture of her husband and two kids (who were wearing the cutest nautical shorts). Trolls popped up to tell Cavallari that her sons looked too skinny. They even accused her of starving her children.

She ended up having to block some of the people who were commenting on the picture. And good for her, because she doesn’t deserve that kind of judgment in her life.

5Charlize Theron trying her best to deal with her son’s tantrum

There are probably countless moms out there who have had to deal with their kids throwing a tantrum. It’s not an easy situation to be in, and it’s exponentially harder when you have paparazzi following you around, watching your every move.

Charlize Theron’s 4-year-old son threw a tantrum in public last year, and there were pictures taken of her trying her best to deal with the situation. But people were ruthless. They called her a “monster mom” and accused her of “dragging” her son to the car. Come on. Loving moms like Theron deserve a little more credit than that. Toddlers are not easy.

6Reese Witherspoon giving her kids cinnamon rolls

Similar to Kelly Clarkson being shamed for feeding her daughter a slice of toast with heaven Nutella on it, Reese Witherspoon caught some heat for posting a picture on her Instagram of cinnamon rolls, which were meant for her toddler. Oner person insisted these tiny cinnamon rolls were a “horrible thing to feed a growing child.”

Yeah, ok, we’re sure Witherspoon’s kid is really suffering from that delicious breakfast.

7Mariah Carey letting her son still use a pacifier

The adorable twins of Mariah Carey and ex Nick Cannon are always a delight to see on her Instagram. There was one picture last year, though, that (weirdly) brought more frustration than joy to some people. When they saw her 4-year-old son in the back with a pacifier in his mouth, they jumped on Carey for being a bad mom.

One fan said she “oughta be ashamed,” as if she were doing something horrendous to her kids. Yet another outrageous example of how people will find literally anything to judge moms for, even though it’s clear that she and her family are perfectly happy.

8Mila Kunis for breastfeeding in public

This is a news flash for some people, but a lot of moms out there breastfeed their kids. Gasp. Apparently, there are a lot of folks who have a hard time wrapping their mind around this concept, because Mila Kunis was shamed for breastfeeding her baby in public.

She clapped back and said, “Why did I do it in public? Because I had to feed my child. She’s hungry.” Kunis isn’t here to be judged for her parenting choices, especially when she’s doing the very thing that keeps her baby alive and healthy.